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StaticEye was launched in chennai in the year 2007.we provide Electonic Security Systems and solutions which has become usefull in our life.. Technological revolution of modern age has resulted this concept of Electronic Security Systems with a widespread popularity. Protecting the life and hard earned possession is a prime concern. At StaticEYE, total security is an everyday reality. Imagine your home, office or a public place where a simple gesture can open up an infinity of practical possibilities for your safety. Once this is understood, You will begin to understand its utility. With much research, technology, experience & support behind the products , we are able to satisfy large or small needs for security of life and assets.

StaticEYE is an emerging leader in providing systems integration and maintenance services in India. We are specialised in providing personalized, user-friendly, innovative and integrated solutions for your business in the field of fire & security, retail & office automation, IT Infrastructure and door tech engineering etc. From fire detection and suppression to intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance, we deliver products to meet the needs of customers in a variety of applications and settings.

Our highly-efficient and experienced team of employees are dedicated to support our customers through delivering on-time and on-budget solutions. Backed by our maintenance and service support team, you can be assured that we would secure and protect your investment for a longer span of time.

We supply a comprehensive range of products for the demanding Indian market, each of them designed and tested for local and International standards and various weather conditions as well. We constantly promote new products to meet our customer’s ever-growing demand and with the help of our business partner’s extensive research and development, test facilities and experienced design teams.

Our approach is simple - deliver intelligent & reliable solutions that provide peace of mind to our customers and are easy to install and maintain by system Integration partners. Providing Electronic Security Systems that offer maximum efficiency and optimal simplicity. In India Our specialized field includes state of the art technology and equipment required towards total Residential and Commercial Building Security Solutions.

Excellent customer service with an emphasis on direct contact and support has been crucial to our success. We believe that our job is to provide our customers with the very best, behind the scenes, cost effective, after sales care so that they can maintain service levels to their customers. We also strongly believe that our employees should be happy and fulfilled in their roles and we commit to professional development and creating a happy, friendly relaxed working environment where achievement is recognised and creativity encouraged.

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